People in motion – what is it all about?

This is for you if:

  • You would like to prepare for working and living internationally.
  • You would like to plan the next steps in your professional development or are looking for support in times of professional change or crisis.
  • You would like to reflect your behaviour as a leader and act more consciously.
  • You would like to improve (intercultural) cooperation in your team or solve conflicts.
  • You would like to work out what is important to you in various areas of life, what is to change and how you will achieve your goals.


I spent my childhood and youth in various cultures in Africa and Asia and since then my life has been marked by mobility and change.


Today I  support  people in motion professionally. I offer coaching and mediation.


All offerings can be carried out in German and English.


I invite you:

  • To become more aware of what you have.
  • To draft  what you would like to change.
  • To plan how you will achieve your goals.

As a coach I support you in becoming more aware of your views, goals and behavioral patterns and their impact. You will develop new courses of action. I will provide ideas. You decide what you find most appropriate.

As a mediator I will lead you through a structured process in managing conflict. This will enable you and others to clarify views and reach shared solutions.

These processes can be supported by setting up personality profiles for which I am certified.


The cooperation will start with a non-binding conversation, which is free of charge. We will get to know each other and define your goals. I will provide you with a proposal on the process and the budget required. Remuneration is based on the type and scope of your requirements.